Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Muses and Monsters

Today is the day that Erato and I were supposed to be off from work to go museum-ing and shop for fabric. But it has been a bumpy week for the Muses. Erato is laid up with a respiratory infection, and I am stiff from being rear-ended on Monday evening. So, we have postponed our date until next week.

However, since I am taking it easy on Dr Kiang's advice (she says 'heating pad... no running and lots of chocolate'), I am finding time for weekday craft lounge visits. And it seems to be all about babies. Here is my latest.

The colors look a bit washed out in this photo.

And further work was made on diaper bag #2. It is at the point where it is still all flat. Basically, I am in the pocket-making phase. Lots of pockets.

I am also working on the organizational phase of my Fall Wardrobe project. It is rather ambitious, and I might have to refine my plans (read: rein in my expectations). Right now, I am planning 4 tops, a skirt, a sheath dress, 2 trousers and a bag. We'll see.

Lastly, I am thrilled about another craft lounge date that I have next month with Magenta and Dr Kiang. As Magenta put it, we will get together for a "pre-holiday jewelry making party with a box of stuff we have 'hanging around' our drawers and craft rooms". I don't make jewelry, but I'm sure I'll find something crafty to do!


Anonymous said...

Feel better! Sorry to hear about the accident! I did hear about your new nephew though! I am so delighted!


Clio said...

Thanks, Mar! I am pretty ok. Just a little bit stiff/achy.

Yes, it is absolutely wonderful to have a new nephew. But I am pouting because -due to the accident - I haven't met him yet!

Anonymous said...

I haven't met him, either :(

Looking on the bright side, it's better that we postponed until next week. Hopefully we'll get some nicer weather!

N'il said...

Glad you are taking the advice to heart. As I said, if you're not running, you need to get your endorphins... hence the chocolate. :)