Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hurdles and Goals

This is about how I felt

Well, what can I say: Justin and I are not getting along so well right now. Between vacation, a chest cold and lots of travel (and the chaos that it throws the rest of my life into), my running training has been patchy at best. But on Tuesday night, I tied on my sneakers in earnest and tried to get back into the groove with Justin coaching me along. It did not go well.

The paths that I normally run are unlit, and it is now too dark out by the time I am ready to go for my run. So, this was also my first treadmill run since June, and I am now more used to an undulating course and an undulating pace rather than the steady pace of the machine. Basically, I started out too fast, got out of breath and then things went down hill from there. Clearly, I lost some of my cardio strength during my hiatus. Depressing.

However, I view this as a challenge. And no challenge is complete without a goal. So, my first official 5k race will be a Thanksgiving Day "Turkey Trot". Phineas has even picked one out for me. That gives me 6 weeks to rebuild what I have lost and then build up to 5k. Considering that my training program was only supposed to be 8 weeks long to begin with, I am feeling pretty good about things. We'll see how optimistic I am after tonight's run!


MS said...

COOL! Wish I could do it with you! - uh - wait - did I say that? I just keep surprising myself... and I'm only on 'lesson 2' of 30.

Clio said...

LOL - You know, that isn't the only Turkey Trot in the country... in fact there are several in your area

MS said...

oh? *twirls hair*

Anonymous said...

I look like that picture of Homer you have there! Good luck! I am sure you will both complete a 5K! And at Thanksgiving dinner, you can eat more because you did a 5K that morning! After all, you will need to regain your strength!

Clio said...

You totally busted me, Mar. I'm already contemplating the second slice of pecan pie I will eat thanks to my trot!