Thursday, October 8, 2009


Dear Dr Kiang,

I am so looking forward to your wedding on Saturday, but I have this one tiny confession to make first. I'm having some qualms. Serious ones. About the card I bought you.

You see, I spent quite a while looking for the right card in all the places that I usually have luck finding nice cards. But I am still just not sure about the one I ended up with. It isn't that it has humor that could be considered tacky. It doesn't. And I steered clear of the card that had a pop-up wedding cake with lighting and a soundtrack of Pachelbel's Canon in D when you opened it. What I was looking for was a card that had a pretty but unfussy outside and a simple, non-cloying message inside. A tall order! And I did find it, more or less. It's just that... well... in an act of desperation, when all hope for a simple card was gone, I found it at.... at... at Kmart. (hangs head in shame.)

Now, I know that you are a lady who likes a bargain. Target's profits in the northeast would collapse with out you. But lets not forget our conversation on Saturday about my very cute, but admittedly made-of-plastic shoes from Kmart. You suggested that if I had to put gel insoles in to make them wearable, that perhaps I ought to just start with shoes that actually came with insoles. Can I really give you a card, arguably on the most important day of your life, that I bought at the same place that I got $12 plastic shoes that lack an insole?

I don't know. But, personally, I am having some trouble getting over the $1.99-ness of the card. Oh, yeah, did I mention that it was on the clearance rack? Well, it was. So there is that too.

Anywho, I just don't know what to do and time (and card stores) are running out. So, you will probably be stuck with my cheapo card. But aren't you glad that you have a friend to think about such weighty topics in the run up to your special day? I thought so.



30 before 30 said...

There is no good reason to walk into a KMart.

That's all.

Clio said...

Darling, let she who has never bought $6 "cheap a$$ shoes" from Payless throw the first Manolo....

N'il said...

hahahaha!!!! I love you. We'll let this one go... But just this once.