Monday, October 5, 2009

And Now for the Loot!

Um, I would be remiss if I didn't say how my Muses and friends spoiled me rotten this birthday.

First off, I got my much wished-for bento box, which I will be posting about on Tuesday. And I received a visa gift card, which I will be using to buy some accessories for it.

Double level Bento Box and Insulated Carrying Bag

Next, several people gave gifts to support my sewing hobby. Even those who did not feel comfortable buying a sewing gift, gave me gift certificates specifically for sewing purchases. And I know they are all the kind of people who hate giving gift certificates, so it meant a lot to me. I also received a gift certificate to Mood, in addition to a shopping spree sponsored by Erato at the fabric store of my choice. We are planning a day to take off from work together. Hurray! And my mom and dad gave me 3 yards of a grey pinstripe fabric that has a lovely hand. "For trousers", mom says, and she is right - it will be great for pants. I am rather intrigued by it. Check out the name in the selvage.

Exclusive Armani Collection: could it be genuine?

Phineas, aside from cooking a birthday feast for me, has found my next sewing machine at the price I want (picking it up in the next day or so). Luckily, I received some funds from mom and dad to buy some additional accessories (presser feet!) for it.

I also have to give a special shout to Calliope, who, whenever I ask for slippers or pjs - which is quite often - gives me slippers or pj's. I love pajamas, especially as a gift. And she always makes sure I get them. I think we are just in sync in that department. And of course, Linus and Orpheus picked out a necklace and earrings for me and then helped me celebrate. Linus helped me blow out the candles on my cake and Orpheus threw confetti on me. All in all, an excellent birthday party!


2BSewing: said...

Wonderful sewing presents! What machine did your lovely hubby get you? Lets see...fabric, gift certificates, new're all set! ;)

Clio said...

Well it is a Viking Sapphire 850, although it is not in my possession just yet. He is still haggling over the price. With the new model (the 855) hitting stores, he is finding that local stores are willing to bargain to clear out their inventory of 850s.... I will of course post about it when I have it!