Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Taco Style: Madras Summer Romper

I just love rompers on toddlers in the summer! It's the perfect thing - cool, easy, cute and no matching required.

This one is Butterick 5625 view A, sewn up in a cotton madras plaid.

It's just about the easiest pattern you could sew for a toddler. One change I made to the pattern was adding a little length, which turned out to be a mistake. It would have been long enough as is.  Also, I didn't use snap tape for the crotch. Instead, I brought it over to Star Snaps in the NY Garment District, which is just a hop and a skip from my office, and had them install snaps for just a few dollars.

Red buttons and stitching

The only tricky part of sewing this romper is trying to under stitch the facing as far as you can around the curves. My under stitching is pretty messy in parts.

I sewed this romper in a "Kaufman Plaid Patchwork" cotton madras-style fabric from The seams of the patchwork made for a bit of extra bulk at the neckline, armscyes and hems. But the fabric is super soft, which is perfect for a tot. Madras is such a casual fabric that I didn't try to do anything more than the most basic matching of the horizontal lines and trust that the mixed plaid would just look cute any which way it came out on the center front and back seams.

There really isn't anything else to say about this quick and cute sew, other than that I would sew it again, just a bit shorter, at least half a dozen times if summer were longer. I can't believe that September arrives tomorrow.

So, here is Taco, wearing his romper at Touch a Truck Day, a benefit to support our local library. It was HOT out; good thing rompers are cool.

He liked the back of the Fire Engine

On a WWII Mechanical Mule vehicle

Steps leading to a Lackawanna railway car

Taking a break from the sun

On the treads of a mini excavator

Post office truck - yes, that blue treasure in his hand is a chip clip. Don't ask. 

Fire engine again

And again

We've had enough!

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