Monday, April 27, 2015

A Fuschia Ring Sling (SHB Sew Along!)

I am thrilled - THRILLED - with my new ring sling!

Taco seems to be liking it, too.

I've worn Taco in a different style of carrier before now, but he seems much happier, or at least willing, to be carried around in the ring sling for longer stretches and doesn't get fussy the second I stop moving.

Sewing a sling is a quick and easy project. It took less than an hour start to finish. I used the tutorial on the Maya Wrap website. They have both written instructions and a video tutorial. One thing I liked is that they also have detailed information about choosing your fabric and your rings - for comfort and for safety.

One of the great things about the SHB Sew-Along from my point of view is all the information sharing. As the veteran mom of the group, Mikhaela was the voice of experience when it came to baby wearing.

We decided to split a Mahogany brand cotton jacquard table cloth to make our matching ring slings (here's hers!)  This brand has a bit of a cult following among DIY baby wearers because it is the perfect weight, comes in great colors, and makes for a comfy and sturdy sling.  

Mikhaela used the tutorial on Sleeping Baby and also had great results.

Since I'm new to baby wearing, I've watched several videos, including the ones on the Maya Wrap website (here) about safe baby wearing. You can see that I have Taco in the "hip carry" position in these photos. He's a little young for it, but because he is already sitting on his own very well (says his proud mama), it's appropriate. Anyway, if you are going to use a ring sling, please do your homework so that your baby is as safe as can be in your sling!

I've been enjoying toting Taco around on my hip. I've actually been able to get more things done with him as my sidekick rather than trying to manage him and whatever I'm trying to do. Plus, babywearing is good for babies' development.

Anyway, this is my second SHB Sew-Along project. I may fit one more in, depending on how naps go this week. I hope you will post your photos to our flickr group and other social media!


Clio said...

You two look gorgeous! And a good project for mom's to be I can imagine as there is no fitting to the mom necessary!

Clio said...

Yes! I think this might become my go-to baby gift for the moms in my life.

Clio said...

That does look comfy- for both of you! does it work as easily for Phin? (In case you can't tell, I'm egging for more pictures of your beautiful little family)

Clio said...

Taco, you're the cutest!

Clio said...

I shall post a few next week!

Phin actually hasn't really tried it. I've offered to make him one... we'll see...