Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"In Progress" Pictures

A last minute business trip has had me away from the Craft Lounge for 24 hours, but thankfully I'll be back at my sewing machine tonight. This is a good thing since I want to finish my friend's diaper bag before I see her on Thursday.

One of my failings as a blogger is that I tend to get absorbed in what I'm doing and forget to take any "in progress" pictures.  So, because I am wishing that I was back in the Craft Lounge but away, here are a few of the process pictures of the diaper bag that I worked on over the weekend. 

Bags like this are really an exercise in making pockets.

These are the sides of the bag...

Side pocket with lining.

The left and right sides of the bag

A peek inside the pocket

And this is the front...

Front piece with strap

How it will hang

Outside front pocket lining with magnetic snap

Assembled front with pocket.

The fabric is pretty thick. After bending several pins, I decided that binder clips were a better solution for "pinning" pieces together until they are basted.

 And here is the top zipper piece...

This part of construction involves lots of basting, stitching, pressing and topstitching. So, it is slow going with lots of changes of thread and needle. But I should be able to dive right back into construction when I get home tonight.

Do you tend to document your work as you go or are you like me - racing to the finish line while forgetting to take pictures?


Clio said...


Clio said...

The pattern is perfectly positioned!

Clio said...

Thanks K! It was a real challenge!

Clio said...

This is going to be such a classy bag. I love your fabric choice! I remember the horribly ugly choices for diaper bags when I needed them years ago. I finally found a navy blue one with bright red cherries sprinkled all over it that was suitable. Your friend is going to be so pleased!

Clio said...

What a well thought out bag! Your friend is going to get so much use out of it.

I generally take in-progress pictures. Then when I go to edit them I can't figure out what half of them are, and I never took the ones I actually want when I go to write the blog post and realize what would be useful. It's a challenge!

Clio said...

That's the problem, isn't it!?!?! You don't really know what would have been a good picture to have until you are done, and by then it's too late.