Monday, November 12, 2012

An Inauspicious Start to My Kimono

Little sewing has happened since the storm. This is mostly because storm refugees were camped out in the Craft Lounge. However, on Friday, their power was restored and our family visit ended. So it was straight to work on my kimono.

BurdaStyle 07-2011 #124

For the lining, I decided on a sort of...well...kinda... gosh. I'm not really sure what to call the color of the stretch silk charmeuse fabric. Oyster? Light mushroom?  And I'm having a hard time photographing it. Here it looks silver/grey, but it has more taupe than blue as an undertone and that makes it a warmer cream of mushroom soup color, I suppose. It's a bit outside my comfort zone to be honest. That whole beige/taupe/tan/brown neutral color family just does nothing for me. But I'm liking this with the black animal print lace.


Anyway, on Saturday, I giddily made my way to the Lounge and pulled out Burda 07-2011 for the kimono pattern.  I made a few changes as I traced. As drafted, the kimono is pretty short. It's not long enough to be a full bathrobe, which is how I plan to use it. Therefore, I added 9" to the length (1" above the bust and 8" below). I also added a little bit of extra room to the hips at the side gusset piece.

Actually, it's not far off from this color.

Once the pattern was traced, I went to cut and realized that I had enough lining material for the kimono as drafted, but not for the new length. D'oh!  Undaunted, I went to sew up what I could and immediately realized I hadn't bought thread. And since this is out of my comfort zone as a color, naturally I had no matching thread in the stash. Double D'oh! 

Actually, this may not have been the worst thing. Burda's instructions for this pattern are among the most unintelligible that I've ever seen. So, I spent a good portion of Sunday scratching my head and trying to figure them out. Thank goodness Chanel No. 6 detailed how she sewed this pattern last year!

Anyway, I picked up more fabric and thread, so it's back to work tonight!


JP said...

All Burda instructions are unintelligible. The gradations depend on the tiredness and frustration of the user. I love some of their stuff but really!

Karin said...

It sounds all too familiar! You are tackling some sewing masterpieces these days!

Clio said...

True! But these are bad even for Burda! LOL

SewingSveta said...

I am thinking about this problem%) In Russian they are pretty good, may be Burda has bat translators to English??

Clio said...

Maybe! I've often wondered if the directions in German are as difficult or if it's just bad English translations.

Clio said...

Thanks Karin!

Inkstain said...

How kind of you to mention my blog, Chanel No.6. That was the only sewing tutorial I ever tackled and it took me longer than making the kimono itself! I had some paralysis facing the dying of the fabric, but if you want to read a double d'oh series of posts, read about the simple Burda tunic I dyed/sewed last spring. Forgetting thread was the least of it.
Warmest regards and good luck!

Clio said...

I really enjoyed your series of posts on it! It definitely influenced my decision to make this kimono.