Friday, October 5, 2012

Birthday Indulgence #1: Lingerie

Phin and I have an understanding that if we won Mega Millions or PowerBall, my first stop would be La Perla and there would be no questions asked about how much I'd spent. I've loved fun and pretty underwear since I first donned Bat Girl Underoos at age five.

How I loved my Underoos!

Not much has change in 32 years. I still feel like I have a secret super identity when I leave the house with pretties on under my clothes. So, K-line barely needed to write "Lingerie Shop Along" on her blog before I was online browsing. I need very little enticement. And since it's my birthday (all month long, as far as I'm concerned), I decided that a little indulgence was in order.

In addition to how much I love wearing pretty undies, having the right underpinnings can really make or break an outfit. I have some very basic basics that fill a special need, like t-shirt bras, racer backs, strapless, long line, etc. But I think where many women go wrong is not buying lingerie that is both pretty and can be worn under clothing. There are lots of brands that make beautiful and sexy lingerie that is very wearable on a daily basis. Some of my favorites are Chantelle, Aubade and Simone Perele. I wear a really wide range of brands (CK, DKNY, VS, B'tempted, Maidenform...) and I tend to mix and match tops and bottoms. I also wear camis and slips all winter long for added warmth and better lines. Dressing is more fun this way.

As far as fit goes, you already know my thoughts on getting fitted regularly and replacing worn out bras. Anyway, I did a little inventory check and came up with a shopping list. On to the shopping...

Let's start with a Bday treat! I decide to buy myself a bra and panty set just for fun from a new-to-me site: Fig Leaves. Look at these pretties that I scored on sale:

Passionata - $63 including shipping for bra and panties

This is also a new-to-me brand. So, I'm not sure that it will fit. But since Fig Leaves has a good return policy and only $5 shipping from the UK, I'm not too worried. It's already on it's way to me. I'm hoping that this is just as clothing friendly as it is pretty. It's basic black and I think it will be great under tops that have wider/portrait necklines, since the straps are wide set and the cut is low. 

Next, sleepwear! I love to sleep in either a pretty cami or bralette paired with my favorite pj bottoms. And a few of my camis recently got damaged/bleached by a skincare product I used. So, since they were having a 25% off Friends and Family sale, I went to my favorite US on-line retailer - Bare Necessities. Sadly, they only ship to US addresses, so apologies to all my non-US readers.

B'tempted by Wacoal - $28 for bra and 2 panties

But for those of us Stateside, they are a lot like Fig Leaves. They have a fantastic range of brands and sizes (28-60 band and A-N cup sizes) and offer everything from basic bras and panties to sexy lingerie, from swimwear to sleepwear, and also hosiery and socks. Since Phin has a ShopRunner membership, I also got free 2 day shipping.

Lastly, some basics. I replenished my basics pretty recently, but my racer back bras got a lot of wear this summer at a time when I was on steroids for my back injury (ie: a bit extra voluptuous). Racer backs tend to have a shorter lifespan than regular bras, anyway, because they close in the front and don't have multiple hook options as the bra stretches. So, right now, in my cart at Victoria's Secret are a black and a nude racer back bra.

Body By Victoria Racer Back Demi Bra - $45 each
I know what you are thinking. Yes, I have loads of issues with VS, too (not wide enough size range and too much padding/push up particularly on smaller sizes, all of which reinforces unrealistic beauty ideals, etc). But this bra fits me beautifully, and VS is the only lingerie company that I've found that has more than one shade of "nude". I tend to find the concept of "nude" as a color name to be a bit offensive. We're all different colors when nude. And I'm a pale - practically translucent - variety of nude. VS's "buff" color is light enough to actually be almost  "nude" on me and not show thru white clothing. Most beige bras do. Anyway, they will be purchased as soon as there is a sale and/or free shipping or something like that.

So that is my mini-haul of pretties. 

One last note on bras and breasts: October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the US. So, be kind to your breasts and talk to your doctor about your risk, what screening options are right for you and living a breast-healthy lifestyle.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And thanks for hosting the shop along, K-line! It's always more fun to shop with a friend.


K-Line said...

It sure is! What a great selection. And I didn't realize it was Breast Cancer Awareness month. All the more reason to think about being nice to our boobs! BTW, I particularly love the Passionata. Never tried the brand either. I'm looking forward to your review.

T. Sedai said...

Yay for birthday shopping! Looks like you have been having a lot of fun. Honestly, I haven't had much interest in undergarments as anything more than a necessity until recently, so all of your links are super useful to me. Though actually I did do some bra shopping myself just a little while ago. I have to say, right now my favorite bra spot is Frederick's of Hollywood. They have a pretty good selection of full figured and regular sizes and I think their prices are very reasonable. I think the quality is very good for the price, and they have a nice selection of "pretty" and "functional." And I find that the sizing is remarkably consistant between styles - I could get a push up and a non-push up in the same size and both fit equally well. Of course it possibly also helps that when I went to the store, the sales people were helpful and efficient. (More than I can say for that other place... aka Victoria's Secret. They don't even seem to carry my size, the salespeople have always been sort of snotty to me, and I haven't been as impressed with the overall quality of their goods. Might just be the particular store in the nearby mall, but, well, either way I don't shop there anymore.) I also know that my sister (who spent a year in England for school) has fallen in love with Bravissimo bras. A bit expensive, but she is spoiled now and can't seem to find another brand that she likes nearly as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new birthday purchases!

Tia Dia said...

Yay for birthday months! And I'm with you on the pretty little secrets underneath the clothes. I regularly update my lingerie drawer and regularly spend the time getting fit properly. It's amazing how everything fluctuates in size. I'm a busty girl, so La Perla is completely useless to me, but I'm really liking the UK brand Fantasie (my latest love). BUT my absolute fave favourite has been Aubade for years. They don't always carry every style in my size, and they can be ridiculously expensive, but it does make me feel pretty and keeps the girls in their proper place and prettily dressed!