Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PR Weekend in my Hometown!

It seems like I'm out of town every time there are other sewists visiting NYC.  But not this time! Not only is PR weekend in my hometown (yay New York!), but it's also on a weekend that I can make (double yay!)!  I've already registered.

Now, I just have to plan what to wear. (Seriously, I'm already having fits of angst about it. And May can really go either way in NY - it could be deliciously summery or cold and damp.)

I hope to meet some of you there! Holler if you're in! I shall grill you about what you plan to wear at a later date. ;-)

Deets are here if you didn't get the email.


Faye Lewis said...

What about your color blocked dress???

Mikhaela Reid said...

Oh, I SO want to go since I live here... but it's my husband's birthday that weekend (so Saturday night speech is out), and even if I went to the rest of the events, I'm not sure if my rowdy toddler would be chill enough to come along.

Clio said...

@ Faye - It's definitely in the running! But if it's really warm, it might be too hot to wear.

@ Mikhaela - Awww, double wammy!

Mar-Mar said...

Wear your jumper!!


T. Sedai said...

Awww.... I can't go as I already have other plans for that weekend (not to mention the cost of flying there isn't happening right now).

You must report back with details - about the event and what you wore!

Clio said...

@ Mar - that is the other front runner at the moment - the jumpsuit! It will depend on the weather.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I can't go this year. Boo. I'll need to plan a separate trip to NYC!