Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011: A Look Ahead

Cutting to the chase once again, I have no specific resolutions for 2011. But I do have some goals and plans.

Here is what's on tap, at least for the early months of 2011:
Sewing: I have 3 unfinished sewing goals/projects left over from this fall.

My Lady Grey Coat: already underway
Yesterday, I gave up the search for my missing hair canvas and trotted back over to Steinlauf & Stoller to buy more. So, I will be back on track in no time.

Second, more pants! 

Ready to be sewn!
Another pair of Simplicity 2700 pants are already cut and ready to be sewn. I just have to practice (ie: learn how to make) a welt pocket, since I eliminated the hip pockets on this version. So, I guess you could say the goal is learn how to construct a welt pocket

Finally, in the sewing category, I really have to get back down to work on my lingerie project, which has been going in fits and starts and wedgies.

Cooking: Back to Mac
While I was in Montreal this fall, I revisited Olive & Gourmando, which was the genesis of my mac + cheese experimentation last winter. Naturally, I had the mac again.(mmmmm....) So, my quest to find/create a mac + cheese recipe that will be my go-to version must continue. Last year I tested 5 different recipes/variations (last attempt here). I have a plan, so look for my next mac + cheese soon.

A very blurry cell phone pic of the mac+cheese that launched this project.

Running: To burn off all my planned mac + cheese, I plan to run the Super Hero Half Marathon Relay with Phineas (ie: a bit more than 10K each) this spring. This goal is a hold-over from last year. As we get closer to the May race date, feel free to weigh in on whether or not I should run the race in costume, as several runners did last year. Perhaps this could even be a great combined running and sewing goal??  Hah! And that way, I could be a super hero for Halloween again.

Can you see me running 10K in this?

Travel: The places I would most like to go in 2011 are:


Petra (Jordan)
Ideally this will happen in one swoop. I'm not entirely sure that a trip to the Middle East will happen this year, but it is high on the list. I've just started researching options. 

I'm sure I'll have many more goals as the year unfolds. So, stay tuned as I gear up for a big 2011. I hope you have great things planned, too!


Marie-Christine said...

Great you have no fear of pants any more, they're a really good addition to one's repertoire. Maybe your next step with them should be to try Burda? They just are better cut...

Mar-Mar said...

Happy New Year Clio!

Looking forward to reading all about your adventures this year!

I think you should run in costume - perhaps the purple chic superwoman you were for Halloween! I am not sure about running with a wig though. It may get too hot.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I will have to sneak into your suitcase for your vacation! And you should definitely run in a superhero costume. You could just make a sleeveless tank and short, full skirt in bright colors.