Monday, December 6, 2010

Lady Grey: The Definitive Muslin?

Over the weekend, I knuckled down and tackled my Lady Grey muslin.  Hooray. I am now ready to take scissor to fabric! There is enough ease in the muslin that once I cut the fabric and add interfacing and lining, I think it will fit well.

Front: lapels laying flat.
Side: Lapels not gaping
Back: Just right, I think.

The only change I made after taking these photos is that I narrowed the upper sleeve. I wear short sleeves or fitted knit tops in all but the coldest winter, when I would not be wearing this coat anyway. So, I don't really need extra room in the arm to fit a bulky sweater. I took an inch out of the sleeve being careful to make sure it did not cause any pulling or make the sleeve too tight. It's now hanging pretty straight (woo hoo!)

On Saturday night, I used the wet-towel method of shrinking my wool - ie: I put the fabric in the drier with a wet towel to create steam and shrink the wool. But I only used one hand towel and I'm a bit nervous that I didn't get enough steam to really do the job. So, I think I may try again tonight, just to be safe. I'm also going to try the muslin on one more time, just to make sure everything is exactly how I want it. Then, I will cut!


Karin said...

Well done! You are in the home stretch. I gave up on this project ages ago, myself. Can't wait to see your coat in the fashion fabric.

Debi said...

It's looking good! Great job on the muslin stage!

Andrea said...

That muslin is looking good. It looks like you're just about ready.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That really is looking great!

Clio said...

Thanks, everyone!!

Robvi Hunt said...

I've wanted to sew this jacket for some time now and look around for info to see what i might run into. your jacket looks GREAT! and tangerine is also my favorite color.