Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quicker Every Time

The nearly done diaper bag

Some of the sewists whose blogs I read talk quite a bit about their TNT patterns. These tried-and-true or tested-n-true patterns - usually a basic tee, pants, skirt, dress, etc. - are ones that they have fine-tuned the fit to their body and can be whipped-up relatively quickly time-and-again. Many sewists use their TNT patterns as a jumping off point for tinkering with other patterns. Why do extensive fitting of a new pants pattern when you can simply add the new style lines and features to your TNT pants?

I was thinking about my need for some TNT patterns over the weekend while I was sewing up the diaper bag for MarMar. The bag is nearly done. It just needs some finishing details (slip stitching, top stitching, etc). Each bag I've made has gone quicker and more smoothly than the previous one. If only I had a pants pattern like this - one that would come together more quickly and smoothly each time - I would own a lot more pants.

Stopping to try on, tinker with fit and make alterations really adds hours to a project. I'd love to know that a garment is going to fit beautifully from the get go and then tinker with the style a bit. I'm hoping that the pencil skirt that I am working on will be such a pattern. We'll have to see how it turns out.

Anyway, my wish list for TNT patterns is: PANTS, and then a skirt and basic tee shirt/knit top.

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