Friday, September 24, 2010

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

As I mentioned last week, Faye of Faye's Sewing Adventures nominated me for two lovely awards.

I love champagne! This award is right up my alley.

Aww, shucks.

Both awards come with some "rules and responsibilities". The rules for the first award are: 1. Tell us what you like about YOUR blog, 2. Then send the award to 10 other blogs that you read. And, the rules for the second award are: 1. Tell us 10 thing about yourself, 2. Then Send the award to 5 other blogs that you read.

Like Faye, I am going to do a mash-up of the rules for both. So, here are 5 things about me, related to my blog.
  1. Why Clio? Once, my pop decided to assign everyone in the family a code name for when we travel abroad. My major in college was history. Hence, Clio, muse of history. It stuck.
  2. Why Five Muses when there are actually nine? My blog's url is because I am one of five sisters (yes, all biologically related. nope, no brothers.). My sisters (Calliope, Polyhymnia, Terpischore and Erato) have done more to shape who I am than anyone else or any other experience in my life.
  3. Why blog? My very excellent friend Magenta encouraged me to track my sewing projects when I first picked up needle and thread. Over time, I started adding posts about travel, cooking and my other pursuits and, well, I'm hooked!
  4. What is my favorite vegetable? Broccoli a la Phineas. This has nothing to do with my blog, and I am now guilty of breaking my own rules, which is something else you should probably know about me by this point anyway. heh heh heh
  5. What is my favorite sewing project to date? It's almost always the most recent one I've completed. Right now it's a tie between my pants and my sarong pants (mostly because I am proud of posting the photo of them). But the most meaningful project was my nephew's Christening ensemble.
OK, enough about me! Now on to you... There are so many great blogs and bloggers who write about sewing and other crafty pursuits. But, I've decided to pass these great awards on to 5 ladies - Muses each and every one. And the nominees are:

Weekend Crafting -  Reethi sews up a storm, does all kind of crafts and cooks amazing vegetarian food. Also, she is a fun fabric shopping companion.

A Sewn Wardrobe - Rachel has a great eye for fashion and spent a year sewing all her own clothes rather than buying.

Sheilaz - CTK - Sheila is another renaissance woman who sews, crafts, crochets and knits at a pace that leaves others in the dust.

Making the Seam - One look at her Burda rock star jacket  should convince you Karin is the real deal when it comes to sewing. (Seriously, is this jacket hot or what!?!?!)

Li'l Miss Muffet - Li'l Miss Muffet (Heather) sat on her tuffet, sewing up all sorts of fun and fabulous lingerie, the likes of which I am dreaming of sewing for myself.

Now, you may have noticed that Sheila and Miss Muffet have already received the Beautiful Blogger award, which you may think would put them out of contention. However, does Meryl Streep have more than one Oscar? Absolutely! So, there.


Heather said...

Thank you so much, Clio!

I love all your sisters' names! So beautiful.

Sheila said...

Awwww Thank You for the awesome awards. I love the sound of Renaissance Women.