Monday, September 13, 2010

Creating and Destroying

"Creating and Destroying" sounds far more philosophical than this post will live up to, but it accurately sums up the last few days. This weekend, I sewed myself some panties and demolished a tool shed. (An aside: how many times do you get to use the words "panties" and "tool shed" in the same sentence?)

On Friday evening, I sewed up my first Jalie 2568 Brazillian Hipsters. It took about 35 minutes start to finish, and they came out totally cute! I immediately wanted to make 2 more with the other stretch lace trim that I had ready to go, but I am holding off until I wear these at least once. I have very low tolerance for uncomfy panties.

Cutest. Panties. Ever.
I didn't do the best job matching up the lace pattern when I cut these out. In truth, I actually didn't even try. I was too excited to sew panties to even think about it. And these totally live up to my expectations for the cuteness factor. One small disclaimer - and I do mean small!: these panties are definitely low rise. They sit about 4-5" below my navel. On someone shorter (I'm 5'9") they may come higher. But not much.

Then on Saturday, I indulged my destructive side. Terpischore and Mr. Fixit had a second open call for help on demolition work on their new home. Based on how well I did with demolition last time, I was assigned the job of demolishing an ugly and decaying tool shed in the yard.

Before: You can't see if from this angle, but it actually wraps around the house another 5-6 feet.

In progress: wielding a friend I like to call Persuasion

Nearly done:That's the back wall of the shed I'm standing on in this photo

After: this is where the shed once stood

Honestly, it's a shame I didn't get a photo with a crow bar, since really this job required much more dismantling of beams with a crow bar than smashing with a sledge hammer. But I guess that would have been a bit less theatrical. We did, at one point, use the reciprocating saw (that is what I'm holding in the above photo) to saw the roof of the shed in half.

Overall, this was an incredibly satisfying weekend. I got to sew a quick and lovely little project on Friday, use my powers of destruction for the benefit of my sister on Saturday, and I even got to spend most of Sunday working on my next pair of pants. But more on that later in the week.


fancypants said...

The panties are totally cute! I am interested to see how you like the way they wear too. I have been wanting to sew my own panties for a while...

Heather said...

Those are seriously cute! The nice thing about this pattern is you can use a wider lace to get more coverage. I used one that is probably 9" wide and that worked well since I have a well-endowed tummy and booty and need more covered! LOL! Also, if you want you can add a strip of clear elastic around the top to help with slippage. That was the only problem I had at first.
Happy Sewing!

Clio said...

Ohh, clear elastic - good suggestion, Heather! Yeah, my other two laces are a bit wider. The low rise doesn't bother me, but I know it is not for everyone.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I hope they wear well! I am all about full coverage panties because I just can't stand having anything riding up my bum. Please report back, if it's not too weird. I'm sure my boyfriend would appreciate me in some sexier panties.