Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lingerie Update

Well, my panties have been altered and will soon be worn again. I will report back with (fingers crossed) better news.

In addition, one of the things I did on Saturday was cut a muslin for the KwikSew 2589 camisole. Since I am in a muslin-ish mood, I figured that it's better to work out any fit issues in a cheap cotton (less than $2yd) than in my pretty silk charmeuse. The KS instructions seem incredibly straightforward and easy. So, I should be able to report back soon.


Heather said...

Kwik Sew is genarally no-fail when it comes to lingerie!

Is that a turtle pincushion? Cute!

Clio said...

Yes! The turtle is my favorite pincushion at the moment.

Karin said...

Hi Clio! I can't comment on lingerie - you are way out of my league with that.

But as for the Lady Grey Coat, I cut a 10 on top and a 12 on bottom. You are right, this may not have been necessary. I just didn't like the whole look on me enough to want to bother to tweak it. It's exactly what I would have worn in my 20s and it probably would have been flattering too. After two pregnancies my body has changed subtly and sometimes tailored things just look better on me now than extremely feminine shapes. sigh.