Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lady Grey Muslin 1.0

I always think I'm going to get so much more done on the weekend than I actually do. However, I did finish cutting my Lady Grey muslin pieces and I basted most of them together for a preliminary idea of the fit. You'll notice that I didn't bother attaching the second sleeve or the collar before donning a sweater and trying on... or pressing very well... or doing a particularly good job setting in the sleeve (the one inch allowance made it such a problem)... You get the point, this is a very rough draft.


I think adding 2 inches of length above the waist was probably too much, even with shoulder pads. I am going to edit out 1/2-3/4 inch.   


Even with an enormous cowl neck sweater, the front lapels gape.There is just too much fabric above the waist.


Just too big across the back, even with a chunky sweater. There is plenty of room in the bottom half, too, although I think it currently doesn't look so bad.   

Obviously, I want the muslin to have enough ease that the jacket will fit once a lining is added and I am wearing winter clothing. However, I am pretty convinced that the size 10 is too big. And since it is big everywhere, I think it makes sense to try the size 8 rather than trying to take in each and every seam. Seriously, sewing 4 princess seams with a one inch seam allowance was near impossible. I am NOT taking these seams in. 

Next steps: So, the plan is to make muslin 2.0 in a size 8, and last night I cut the pattern pieces.  I'm not much of a week night sewista, but I hope that tonight I will get to making the length alterations on the pattern pieces and start to cut a new muslin. I am not planning on re-doing the tedious method of drawing in the seam lines and enlarging the seam allowances. I just don't think I will need the extra room. OH! And I will be buying my fabric in the next day I hope.

Stay tuned...


Karin said...

I would agree that it just looks too big everywhere. So, a size 8 makes sense. It's a bummer to have to recut the whole thing, though, sigh.

MS said...

I cannot wait to see the fabric!

Sheila said...

I agree going down a size is a smart move, because LG 1.0 looks too big on you. Can we get a peak of the fashion fabric....teehee.

Faye Lewis said...

I agree that an 8 would be a better fit for you. The one inch seam allowance that I used for my second muslin didn't work out very well.

Clio said...

Faye - Tell me about it! The one inch was just NOT easy to sew!

MS and Sheila - Stay tuned for fabric photos!