Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creamsicle Collection: Final Summer Stashing

Before I left for vacation, I ordered a few sale fabrics from Fabric Mart. I completely forgot about the order, and it was such a treat to arrive home to new fabric waiting for me.

L to R: Cream and tangerine pinstriped cotton w/lycra, Calvin Klein white
cotton waffle weave, and Liz Claiborn lightweight cotton in coral

All three are summery, so they will be stashed until next spring. The first two are destined to be made into pants and the last will become a top. I'm really pleased with all three fabrics - I just love the colors.

Speaking of color, I had a somewhat surprising revelation recently: orange, and not blue, is my favorite color. I love blue, I really do. Well, except for navy blue, that most serious and un-fun color. But every time I say that blue is my favorite, I get this very nagging and guilty feeling, like I'm somehow shortchanging or cheating on orange. And I can't think of orange without getting a big grin on my face. So, there it is. Orange is the new blue, at least for me.

The other very fun purchase I made from Fabric Mart was their "mystery box" of notions, trim and other goodies, which was just $5 with my order.

It was such a fun box to open and I definitely got my money's worth of belt buckles, an assortment of zippers, elastic, grosgain ribbon, several lace appliques, an "Ooh La La" iron on bit of embriodery, lots of lace trims, a book on pillows (destined for my niece, I think), and a box of bobbin-sized spools of thread. Unfortunately the thread is navy blue, which serves me right, I suppose.

Anyway, the lace appliques and trims definitely got me thinking about tackling my first lingerie project. It definitely got my creative juices flowing. So, expect more on this to come.


Diane Drexel said...

Deja vu. I just received my box from Fabric Mart and saw a lot of the same things I had in my mystery notion box. The pink and purple lace doo-dad, the "Ooh La La" iron on, the box of blue bobbins, pink ribbon.

I also ordered a mystery box of fabric. The main piece was the creamsicle striped fabric that you ordered, so I am dying to see what you make with it. It is a very nice piece of fabric--unfortunately, the colors do not work with my skin tone at all (too close, I guess). My plan is to use it as a test run for a Vogue suit pattern. I would like to see if the style is suitable for me and figured it would be a good use for this fabric.

In case you are wondering, my other two pieces of mystery fabric were a dove gray fabric with a shiny gray design on it (which will probably end up as a lining) and a sheer black dotted swiss (absolutely gorgeous).
Happy Sewing!

Clio said...

Happy Sewing to you, too! Wasn't it fun to get mysteries by mail? I love swiss dot.

Yes, the creamsicle pinstripe is nice - it feels almost like a stretch denim to me. So, I've got it in my head that I should make a trouser jean with cuffs out of it. We'll see!

Faye Lewis said...

Love your "next spring" fabric. Would you believe Navy blue use to be my most favorite color. I bought and wore it so much that my Mom threatened me! I'm still sort of partial to it.

Clio said...

Thanks! I know! I am the only person on the face of the planet who can't stand navy. It's completely irrational of me.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Changing favorite colors is a big leap! I always say mine is blue, too, but it could secretly be green (with plenty of yellow or gold, not forest green which is boring).

Clio said...

Green is an under-appreciated color, I think. But yes, forest green is rather navy blue-ish at heart, isn't it?