Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pants Reveal/Review: Simplicity 2700

Over Labor Day weekend, I finished my pants with hand sewn hems, and I am wearing them today! Woo hoo hoo! Here I am heading out the door this morning, all styled for work.

I was running a bit late, so Phin had to take "action shots"

Me, pre-java

Final Outcome: I LOVE these pants. They are comfy and (IMHO) look great on; I could not wait even one day to wear them. But how should I review the pattern? I started with the Simplicity 2700 Amazing Fit Pants pattern, but after 4.5 muslins and multiple rounds of changes, is it really fair to review this pattern? The pants look like what came out of the envelope style-wise, but they are only distantly related fit-wise. However, there is a lot to like about the Simplicity Amazing Fit line of patterns: separate pieces for slim, average, and curvy fit help you start from a better place, one inch seam allowances leave lots of room for making adjustments, and on this particular pattern the shape of the leg is flattering and the pocket styling is nice, too. That said, Simplicity's instructions are not always 100% clear, although I found these to be ok. That said, I didn't bother to use their zipper or waistband procedures. The end result is that I think (fingers crossed) that I may finally have a TNT pants pattern. We'll see how they sew up in my next two attempts...

Speaking of which, this weekend I also cut out all the pieces for my next two pants. Here are the details:

I am already sewing up a version in this light grey wool suiting bought at Metro Textiles last October. Kashi told me that the fabric is from the Loro Piana mill in Connecticut, and I believe him. The hand is beautiful and so far it is a dream to work with. I'm using a remnant of blue-grey pinstriped cotton for the pocketing and waistband facing. I'm lining these pants in a grey bemberger rayon.

And here is the darker grey Armani pinstripe fabric that my mom gave me for my last birthday, which is also cut and ready to go. I've decided to omit the hip pockets on this version of the pants, and instead am going to attempt to do back welt or bound pockets. Wish me luck, since this will be a new technique for me. I am also lining these pants. For the waistband facings and the pocketing, I'm using the pictured orange and brown cotton print. I've discovered that this is the perfect use for remnants of fabric from past projects. This fabric was left over from the clutch I made for Calliope, one of my very first projects.

It is also time to start amassing the materials for my Lady Grey Jacket. Muslin sewing will commence next week!


gwensews said...

Those pants look gorgeous on you. Very nice job.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a fabulous finished project. You are right to be proud - that *do* look great on you.

Reethi said...

Great job, Tricia - the pants look fantastic!

Faye Lewis said...

Great looking pants. I must get back to that pattern.

sewistafashionista said...

Your pants look lovely. I have that Simplicity pattern but haven't tried it out yet. I love the facing material you choose for your next pair. I think it is so cool when facings are in a contrast decorative fabric.

Mary Ann said...

I think you got spammed. How weird!

Your pants are great! You look fabulous in them! Since I've been back to work, my sewing ambitions have subsided. So, it is really great to live vicariously through yours!!

Miss you!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You look great in these! I'm glad you have more already cut and waiting to be sewn!

Clio said...

Thanks, everyone!

Carolyn - I'm taking a page from your book and making multiples!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Those are definitely great looking pants! Keep sewing that pattern!