Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bike Ghana

Right now my trusty (and now shamefully slightly rusty) bicycle is in a shipping container bound for Accra, Ghana.

On Sunday my dad finished his "Bike Ghana" fundraising and bicycle raising drive for Bishop Dominick's parish in Techiman, with a collecting and packing party. He was hoping to send 50 bicycles, some donated clothing, and a few odds and ends, and collect enough in donations to cover the $4k shipping and container rental fees.

In the end, he received 150 bicycles, a large amount of clothing, 2 computers, 4 sewing machines and some religious art destined for Bishop Dominick's diocese. He also received enough in donations that he could pay the overhead and still stock up on spare tires and parts. Since the container only fit 100 bikes he was able to send just the best/most suitable ones (mountain and hybrid bikes in good shape). The remaining bikes are going to be fixed up and sold on ebay to make further donations to the Ghanaian diocese.

My Pop is a constant example to me of how one person can make the world a better place. He saw a need and worked to fill it in a meaningful and creative way. I was so happy to see him pleased with the success of his efforts, and to see him share that success with the many volunteers who came to support the bike drive.

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Sarah & John said...

Congratulations papa bear!!