Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Robes for a Boy Wizard

Hogwarts robes!
I have a really bad feeling that I am never quite going to get around to making anything for myself. I had planned to spend my sewing time this past weekend working on pants for myself. However, looking at the calendar, I realized that I needed to get cracking on Orpheus' Halloween costume if it was going to be done in time for trick-or-treating.

The Neue Mode pattern that I used turned out to be peskier than I thought. First, it didn't include seam allowances, so I had to add these myself. It wasn't a big deal in itself, but their were a lot of curved pieces, which really slowed things down.

My other issue with the pattern is, perhaps, a matter of what was lost in translation, since the original instructions are in German. (And my college German is way too rusty to really understand them.) In English, the instructions are vague and minimal. At times I had to wing it. I'm glad I made Phineas' shirt first, because I definitely leaned on that experience for installing the collar and the sleeves. I also added top stitching in a few areas where it wasn't called for, like the cuffs of the sleeves.

Anyway, I really do like how it is coming. Next steps: After Orpheus tries it on, I will hem the bottom and finish the front center hems, adding the ties. And then it will need the Hogwarts patch sewn on.


Sarah & John said...

Cute, cute, cute

2BSewing: said...

Great job! As I wait for my sewing mojo to kick in...I'll live through your sewing adventures.