Friday, October 17, 2008

Cookie Monster Experiment: 48 Hours

Last night I had a work related event, so Phineas baked up batch #3 for me. When I arrived home, I inspected the cookies - they didn't look much different than the 24-hour version. I took a slow, deep inhalation: the aroma was positively luscious. Science be damned! I gobbled up three cookies on the spot. They were definitly a more grown up cookie - not overly sugary, much more mellow and rich in their sweetness; even more melded and complex. So much for dinner, I thought to myself as I wolfed down another cookie.

The superior version of the chocolate chip cookie.
BTW this photo is a dramatization. There was no plate involved in last night's binge.

So the final verdict: It really surprises me, but resting the cookie dough makes a HUGE difference. The article was totally right. The 48 hour batch was even better than the 24 hour version and totally blows the unrested dough out of the water. I will be resting my cookie dough from now on. Well, at least for as long as I can exert some will power...


2BSewing: said...

Wow! The cookies look so yummy! Great lab work in proving the cookie dough resting period. You know, you're a bad cookie-enabler...I'm off to gather the ingredients. lol!!!

Clio said...

Ha ha ha Glad to be of assistance!

Anonymous said...

J-J volunteered for "fat Friday" at work-one person brings in treats for the staff. I decided to make cc cookies and to follow your lead. So tonight, I will mix up a batch and bake them on Thursday. I will make sure I don't advertise cookie dough to Jay, so there will be some for me to bake on Thursday night.

Thanks for the "scientific" study! I now trust these will be the best cookies ever!

Did you use Nestle Toll house chocolate or the 68% cacoa chocolate disks that the article referred to?


Clio said...

Awesome! Yes, definitely hide the dough!

I used plain old Nestle semi-sweet morsels.

Anonymous said...

The cookies were a big hit. The sweetness in the dough really mellows out! I used Ghiradelli 60% Chocolate chips and ate my first cookie hot out of the oven. It wasn't sweet at all and I actually recommend waiting for them to cool. The chocolate is better balanced when you can taste the cookie rather than have the melted bittersweet chocolate take over in every bite. Yummy. There were no cookies left over from Fat Friday and compliments were returned.