Monday, October 27, 2008

New Star (nee Wing Shing)

Aaaaaaand...... we're back!

On the way to my folks yesterday, Phineas and I were both hungry. On a whim I suggested that we swing down Avenue U to see if any dim sum place had opened to fill the gap left when Wing Shing closed suddenly. We've been in denial - not accepting, refusing to move on. Phineas was skeptical.

As we drove down the street, I could see a banner outside of where my long gone dim sum joint of choice had been.... open under new management!!! I was thrilled, but apprehensive. What if it really was new management? Would they still serve dim sum? Would it be a different style of cooking? Was it too much to hope that it would be similar?

When I swung the door open, a familiar smell and sound greeted me. And a familiar waiter!!! I knew I was home. Hurray!!! Same staff, same decor, same food, same, well, everything. Oh, except for the flat screen tv on one wall. I have no idea what it is doing there, but if that is all that has changed, I am as happy as a clam... in black bean sauce, of course.