Monday, June 2, 2008


I really like these diagrams with things parts pointed out.
It is becoming a running theme on my blog.

Now that some weeks have passed, my Pop has had time to reflect on his trip to Ghana and even earned $100 for his article in The Tablet.

In Ghana, education is highly valued, but schools are few and far between. Most children walk several miles to and from school each day and many walk as much as 10 miles each way to get to school. Ten miles! Each Way!!!! While he was there, Pop asked Father Paul, a friend from Ghana, why no one rode bicycles to and from school. Answer: they can't afford bicycles.

Now, my dad has at least 2 bicycles in the shed that have not been used in years. Good working bikes that just have no riders. (You see where this is going.) He would happily part with them if they would help someone. But why send 2 bikes, when other parishioners are bound to have bikes rusting in their garages too and it would be cheaper to send a whole shipping container full than just two?

One of the things I like most about my Pop is that he is a doer. When he sees a need in a community, he works toward filling it. So, now there is a parish-wide campaign to recruit working bicycles (mountain or hybrids are ideal since the roads in Ghana are iffy) and raise money for them to be shipped there. Collection will take place at the end of the summer and I have already pledged my trusty Trek hybrid to the cause. This week Pop was going to contact local boy scout troops. There is bound to be an Eagle Scout or two who needs a service activity.

Anyway, Pop has plans to visit Ghana again next summer and I agreed to go with him, which means more vaccinations. This way, I will get to see how my bike is making a difference. Hooray!

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