Monday, January 18, 2010

The Little Things: Buttons!

This morning, I was sipping coffee at my desk and trying to motivate myself. I was feeling like the only person who had to be at work today. Even on my commute, it seemed like everyone else was heading to NY for fun rather than office drudgery. This made me considerably mopey.

After an unproductive hour, I decided that a 10 minute surfing break might help things. So, off I went to a few sewing blogs that I follow. That is when I learned - wah-hoo! - that I won a give away on The Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. So, a selection of mother of pearl buttons will be heading my way. Suddenly, the day is not looking so bad afterall.

In other news, I cut Phineas' pj's this weekend along with the Calm, Cool and Cowl neck top from Hot Patterns that I did a quick-and-dirty muslin for a few weeks ago. I also *mostly* finished my pencil skirt. I'm tinkering with the front darts a bit (they won't lay flat!) and also have to hand sew the lining around the zipper. Otherwise it is done done done! Photos to follow during the week...

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