Tuesday, January 12, 2010

C is for Linzer Cookies!

Courtesy of NY Magazine

Since the compliments keep pouring in for the Linzer Cookies that Phineas and I made for Christmas this year, I thought I would share the recipe.

Phineas and I have very different cookie sensibilities. I like drop cookies, preferably with chunks: chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, etc. In my cookie-verse, even meringues have chunks, and rolling pins don't come into play. Phin, however, leans toward sugar/butter/shortbread-type rolled-out cookies instead. So he set out to make Linzers as his addition to our Santa's Kitchen treats.

The evening he planned on making the cookies, he was a bit under the weather and rather tired, and Linzer cookies are a big project for a cookie. A few minutes in the kitchen produced a series of clanks, crashes, curses and other odd noises which are generally incompatable with good cookie making. So we decided that it was a two person project. Ultimately, I made the dough, Phin rolled out, cut and baked the cookies, and I finished up by icing (jelly-ing really) under his supervision.

Anyway, here is the recipe, which came from NY Magazine. Phin cut it out when it origially appeared. Our only change was that we did some raspberry and some blackberry filled cookies. Enjoy!

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