Friday, January 22, 2010

You never know what you'll find in other people's closets.

Compliments of my mother-in-law's closet:

"As seen on TV"
I present the Singer Tiny Serger, which I assume was advertised on an infomercial sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. Calling it a serger is a bit presumptuous as it has no cutting blades. But it really is incredibly small. Here it is with the latest Burda magazine for comparison:

For kicks, I decided to see if it still works. The directions are missing, but I was able to get it threaded thanks to a diagram on the machine, a pair of tweezers and a flashlight. The advertising on the box - Comes prethreaded, ready to sew - suddenly made sense. It took 10 minutes. I can thread my sm in 15 seconds. Later, when I plugged this little guy in, I learned that there is an internal light which goes on when you plug in the power and then off again when you plug in the pedal, presumably to help you thread.

I "serged" the edge of some jersey. The machine made an unfriendly chugga-chugga-chugga noise, but it worked. Stitch quality isn't great, but what can you expect?

I can't imagine what kind of craft project my MIL would have been doing with it - there were so many talented seamstresses in her generation of the family.

Anyway, the Tiny Serger is back in the closet, which is where it probably belongs. Happy Friday, everyone.


Elizabeth said...

How random is that!

Eugenia said...

Oh isn't that a cute looking thing. You might find that with a bit of oiling and some fiddling with the adjustment knobs it works better. Not that I know anything about this kind of thing but I love its retro look!

justme2 said...

how much would you sell it for??? I could try to use it! you can email me if you want to sell it and if the price is right I may buy it

Clio said...

Sorry, it belongs to my Mother-in-Law, not me. But when I was trying to find info on it, I did see several for sale on Ebay.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I will look there! :)