Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stash report

Even though I have more projects than I can count in the works, I could not resist picking up a few patterns at a January Simplicity sale at And at $1.99 a pattern, I'm really not feeling much guilt. Here is the round-up.

I have a black cardi-wrap/shrug/cosy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it like this that I wear often. And I had been thinking of making this part of my wardrobe project. So, once it went on sale, it was a done deal.

Since it looks like the 3 Graces top is NOT going to be the staple top for my wardrobe project, I need some alternatives. And, as this is a Pattern Review "Best of 2008" pattern, I thought I would give it a go. (The cardi wrap and my maxi dress are "Best of 2009" patterns).

I think I bought this because I would like to wear more skirts. And, given how well my pencil skirt is coming, I am glad I did!

Hmmmm, I'm not entirely sure how I ended up with this pattern. Maybe it was a combination of it being New Years and my inherent weakness for halter tops. But we could all use a party dress, couldn't we? I have no immediate plans for this pattern, but I did buy some fabric that I could use for it, when I have an occasion on the horizon.

I also went a bit overboard at It started out innocently enough. I'd been planning on buying some jersey for knit tops for some time. My shopping stars aligned - most of what I was looking for had just been moved to the $1.95 sale section. After selecting a few knits, there was a pop up message telling me that if I just spent a bit more that I would get free shipping. After adding in a coupon, I ultimately spent $33 on 10 1/2 yards of fabric including "oyster" colored crepe back satin, a piece of faux leather to make a slouchy hobo bag and a piece of silk brocade to line it.

Anyway, after spending most of December shopping and cooking for others, I am feeling very good about this mini splurge on myself. I hope that you have also taken the time to treat yourself after the mad rush of the holidays.

*****Updated at 4:45pm... Apparently my little buying binge is not over. This afternoon I could not resist this pattern for an Anywhere "T", which I saw on Clotilde.

It looks just like my favorite top, which I wear all the time and have been fretting over as it is nearing the end of it's life. Mine has a deeper cowl than this purple one and is black, other than that, it is pretty much the same. Sigh. I may need a cowl and halter intervention in the not too distant future.

*******Updated at 4:50pm....OH! And of course, now that I bought faux leather, I am going to have to get a teflon or walking foot for my sewing machine so I can sew my hobo bag.

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30 before 30 said...

I had a similar experience on Amazon the other day. Actually it started at Barnes. I just went on to buy my GMAT book but all these other books and a preorder wound up in my cart, then I thought I might get a better price on Amazon (which I did) but instead of saving it, I bought more. Sigh...

Sorry, that was a really long comment...