Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Multi-tasking again, yet not taking pictures

I don't know what is wrong with me. I spent all weekend at my hobbies, but somehow did not take a single picture to show you.

In addition to all the candy making, I:
  • drafted some alterations to my pencil skirt pattern and cut it out in my fabulous plaid and silver fabric
  • cut a muslin for the Hot Patterns Calm, Cool and Cowl Neck top.
  • did the final edge stitching and slip stitching of the Diaper Bag for MarMar
  • started embroidering a onesie for my new nephew
  • wrestled some more with my 3 Graces cowl neck top (I am not quite past the point where I get apoplectic whenever I think of it)
But I took not one picture. And the Craft Lounge still looks like a bomb blew up in it. A few weeks ago, Magenta was musing about finishing projects, and that may be where I am stuck. I have 5 projects in various stages of completion. Or it could just be that, at this time of year, my attention and energy turns toward holiday shopping, cooking and baking, and sewing gets back-burnered.

Either way, you are just going to have to muddle through with me. I will try to update you on each project individually as I make progress.


MS said...

Where did you find the time? My goodness!

I also am stuck on the finishing. I am doing all of my knitting labels and blocking on Sunday, but that's going to require me to finish 3 projects on which I have lost a bit of steam before then... fa la la la la

Clio said...

I don't know! I took Friday off and then was very productive. I find that I get antsy and can't sit still in front of the tv anymore. I need something to occupy my hands.