Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not enough GO in the escargo!

I continued to run at a snail's pace through the holidays, not gaining any ground but not losing any either. However, having set some new running goals - and with a dinner of mac + cheese waiting at home - I left for the gym on Tuesday evening, raring to go.

Phineas has created a new running program for me, working up to a 10k and also working on speed. I do well with a program. It's how I operate. Whether it is a garment to sew, a cooking or baking project or an athletic achievement, I do best when I have a clear goal and can see all the steps to get there (sewing instructions, recipes, workout plan...) But anyway, off I went to the gym for day one of 10k training.

After a few minutes on the treadmill, there was something rubbing rubbing rubbing my right heel. I stopped the treadmill and checked it out; a knobby piece of turquoise fuzz was stuck to my sock, probably from the wash. I plucked it off, laced up and was back to running. But the rubbing rubbing rubbing got worse - a blister was imminent. So, I got off the treadmill to examine my heel. That is when I noticed it: it was not an innocent piece of fuzz! A piece of turquoise lining had ripped away from the inside of my sneaker leaving a pit!

The offending sneaker.

That is what was rubbing. And that means my sneakers are done for. The sneakers that carried me through my first 5k! Sigh. Poor sneakers.

Now that it is a day later, I am feeling much more philosophically at peace with the idea of new sneakers at the start of a new endeavor. In the interim, I am going to try using a little moleskin to protect my heel until my new sneakers arrive. I will update you on my progress once any has been made!


30 before 30 said...

Clio, see this as an achievement! You've stuck to your running so thoroughly that you've worn out your first pair of running shoes!


Clio said...

Thanks! But they had a rather short lifespan.