Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Improvements: My Inner Wrecking Ball

I noticed that there were new design options for Blogger last week and I decided to do a little home improvement. I really have no talent in the computer-web-photo department, so it is really a testament to how idiot-proof Blogger is that I can actually maintain a blog at all. Anyway, let me know how you like the new color scheme.

This past weekend, I learned something rather surprising about myself: apparently, I have a certain aptitude for destruction. My sister and her husband - Terpischore and Mr Fixit - closed on a house last week. They have numerous renovations planned and, in the interest of saving some money, decided to do the demolition work themselves. So Phin and I joined them and others on Saturday for a day-long Home Wrecking Party. This is where I discovered the joy of swinging a sledge hammer through (ugly) built in book shelves, a faux fireplace, and circa 1970 cabinetry. I also took a liking to the crow bar.

There was something undeniably empowering about the destruction. This surprized me because I am not really the kind of person who is pent up and needs to blow off steam. I am much more the yoga/meditation to relax sort. And I like creating things, not destroying them. But this was the kind of therapy that you just can't pay for.

Anyway, um, if you are planning any home demolition in the near future... um... you know where to find me.

PS- Terp just emailed me to see if I want to help them take out the back stoop and driveway - a job that will require a jackhammer...


MS said...

Love the new look!

Sheila said...

I also like the nee look.