Friday, April 30, 2010

Guest Blogger: Terpischore

Well, it is Friday evening in London and I am finished with work and waiting for Phineas to arrive so our vacation can begin - London, Athens and then Venice. His flight landed an hour ago and I am tap tap tapping my foot.

However, while I am out enjoying some of Europe's most vibrant cities, I have left you in good hands. For those who are new to my blog, I have 4 sisters, and for blogging purposes, I refer to them as
the Muses. The are tremendously talented, absolutely brilliant, fun and beautiful. They influence and inspire me in so many ways. Anyway, today I leave you with Terpischore, who is craftier than she would like you to believe. In fact, I am feeling rather jealous of this project, which I donated a scrap of fabric to... Here she is...

Terpischore's Jewelry Board Project

Thanks, Clio. Here I go...

After a recent afternoon spent untangling the necklaces in my jewelry box yet again, I decided I needed to find a better way to keep my jewelry organized. I got the idea for this project from a post I saw on Design*Sponge a few months back. I am not a particularly crafty person however I thought this sounded easy enough and it was!

I found this old wooden picture frame at the Brooklyn Flea one afternoon while browsing for antiques and thought it would do the trick. With a little white spray paint, an old cork board, a bit of ribbon and some fabric, generously donated by Clio, I set about making my jewelry board.

The process was fairly easy; I started by measuring the cork board and using a straight razor to cut it to size. The unseasonably warm day gave me the opportunity to paint the frame. Having never used spray paint before I had a lot of fun spraying away! The frame took 2 coats to cover the forest green paint underneath. Once dry (24hrs. later), I attached the fabric to the cork with regular staples and the ribbon to the frame using a staple gun.

Fully loaded: seriously, doesn't this
Muse have
a great collection of necklaces?

I am really happy with the way my little project turned out. There are a couple of things I would do differently next time. Although, I like the shape I think next time I would use a larger frame. I didn’t realize how many necklaces I actually have! I love being able to see all of my necklaces and I think next time I would add a piece of fishing line strung across the board to hang earrings on.

Thanks, Clio, for donating your scraps!

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I love it - looks great!