Sunday, May 2, 2010

Muse in Athens: Does it Get Any Better than this???

Muse on the balcony of her (upgraded-to-a-suite) hotel room in Athens.
Yes, that IS the Acropolis in the background.

Today, I planned to blog about my fabric shopping trip in London. However, I have to interrupt regularly scheduled activities to announce: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am in Athens! Not only am I in Athens, but spectacularly so. Suddenly, all the cowl neck, drapey tops in my wardrobe make much more sense. This muse, spiritually speaking, has returned home.

For whatever reason, I am taking to this town like a duck to water. Phineas and I arrived in the late afternoon, and decompressed in our hotel for a bit while enjoying the gorgeous (75 and sunny) weather and beautiful view from our balcony. We freshened up, took a leisurely stroll around town, and then had a fantastic dinner of Mezze at a local taverna with "a band". Why I say "a band" and not "its own band" is that it wasn't entirely clear to either me or Phineas whether the band was hired by the taverna to play music, or if they just happened to be a number of (somewhat tipsy from the number of empty beer bottles) patrons with instruments and a knowledge of folk tunes. Either way, at various points, the whole taverna was singing along.

I'm not sure how today could have been a better day. Truly. So tonight, I will leave you with fond wishes from my balcony, where I am alternately blogging and admiring the view. Tomorrow, we explore the Acropolis.


Anonymous said...

That is an amazing picture. And that view is better than an ocean view. You are so right: your drapey tops really fit in!

Have a great time! We'll continue to live vicariously through you.

2BPhotog said...

Wow! Sounds like you are having a great time. I'm totally I wish I was there with my camera. Take lots of pics for us! :)

MS said...

Fantastic! Miss you - but am glad you are thoroughly enjoying yourself. Lots of love - come home and tell me if greece should be my 'some day' honeymoon destination! xoxo