Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Baby Love

Spoiler Alert: Moms-to-be, you know the drill.

I am finally making some tangible progress on the diaper bag! All the pieces were cut and interfaced by Friday, and sewing commenced on Sunday.

Cut, interfaced with hair canvas and ready to go.

Right now, the bag isn't looking very much like a bag. In sewing, it is best to keep your bag or garment flat for as long as possible. It's much easier to work that way. So, I am currently making the front, back, sides and inside of the bag - attaching the straps, pockets and zippers. Once that is done, the various pieces will be attached to each other and to the bottom, and will start looking much more bag-like. Here are some of the pieces in progress.

Left and right outside sides of the bag with pockets.

Front outside piece with pocket - see how well the design lined up? can you even tell there is a pocket there?

Inside lining with pocket - lined up well again!

And here is the entire inside lining with zipper.

Anyway, I know this looks pretty indecipherable at the moment. But as soon as I get to stitch the pieces together, it will go from looking like a lot of odd parts to looking like a bag rather quickly.

I am really liking this pattern. I thought that the last Butterick diaper bag I made had some good features and construction techniques, and this one does, too. I just hope my sister likes it and that it holds up to the wear and tear of mommy-hood.

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