Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Love

Spoiler Alert: This post contains info on and photos of baby gifts that I am making. So, if you are currently pregnant, either stop reading now or start practicing your surprized face. (Up to you which route to go.)

Over the weekend, I dropped by my local fabric store to shop for the many diaper bags I'll be making. I was hoping to take advantage of a clearance sale, but no luck. So I came home and picked out some prints at I have so many fabric stores within a short walk from work that I haven't really done much on-line purchasing. But their virtual design wall made it very easy to select coordinating fabrics, and when my order arrived yesterday - very quick and bundled up with a lollypop that says "Go Sew" - I was very happy with my selections.

Bag One: for a nephew on the way.

Bag Two: for a niece on the way.

Bag Three: for another little girl on the way.

I think the sets of fabric are fun for the moms-to-be without being cutesy. The third set is my favorite, I think, and it will be used for a messenger-style bag like the one I made for KK back in February. The other two will be tote bag style, which I think suits those moms-to-be better.

Here's the tote bag style pattern
In addition to the bags, I keep buying more and more patterns and projects. Here's the latest.

I also have a stack of bibs and onesies for embroidering. And don't forget that babies need stuffed animals.

I think right now I feel equal parts excited to begin this set of projects and "oh-my-god-what-have-I gotten-myself-into!?!?!" overwhelmed. But I read thru the tote bag instructions last night, and they look very straightforward. We'll see in practice. But for now, I am going to take the advice of my lollypop and go sew!


30 before 30 said...

I got an email that my pattern shipped! We'll have to plan a day to go fabric shopping!

Clio said...

Definitely! I can't wait.