Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cloudy (London) with a side of Chili!

Since Clio is off to the land of pies, chips, bangers and mash, it was left to me to complete her Latest Test Kitchen homework. Chili, that thoroughly Americanized mix of meat, w or w/o beans, peppers and spices. Without starting a civil war amongst Texans, Cincinnatians, tailgaters and most importantly Hormel ( I know y'all have a longing for that spicy can of mystery meat!), the homework entailed an updated and zippier version of a Chili found in SoCal. So here we go!

Basics: Can you make out all the ingredients? Pssst. That's a couple of chipotles in adobe sauce located in the zippy bag.

Brown the meat (mix of 2lbs. Blade pork chops and a lb of ole reliable GB, take out and then brown the veg and spices (2 parts (Tbls) chili power/1 part (Tbls) cumin), salt and pepper.

Pictures: Brown this, add that + spices = Above!

When you smell the spices, throw in the red stuff (your favorite brand in a 1 big can of crushed + 2 little cans of sauce) and then toss the meat back into the pool!

Simmer for an hour or so, until you can easily tear the pork away from the bone.Take out chop/shred and back into the pool for a quick half hour dip and voila -its time to eat

Picture: We used 2 cans of beans, but use as much or as little as you like (too lazy this time to make my own batch of beans!)

We garnished with cheddar cheese and toast points (aren't we chi-chi!), slopped it into a bowl, grabbed a couple of spoons and turned on MNF- and if you're really hungry (me), loosen up the belt!

The addition of chipotle and some of the adobe sauce lent some nice heat and a little extra depth to this version of chili. Not a bad batch, certainly a starting point that you can use to concoct your own home brewed version (for vegaholics a blend of tempeh and extra firm tofu might work well). Active time = 20 minutes, Waiting time, smelling something tasty = 1.5 hours. Moral of the story = Start at 10:30/11:00 on Sunday and you'll be ready to watch football with a bowl of red hot and chips at 1!

Happy eating and if you're in the Northeast, go pick some apples and make some pie (yummmmmie!), save some for bobbing for apples and maybe grab a pumpkin for carving-Halloween just around the corner!

P.S. Now since it was a Test Kitchen "secret" recipe, I am obligated to not give out the actual recipe until it comes out in print. Not sure when it will appear, but if you would like to subscribe-here is the link

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Mary Ann said...

JD wanted to make chili yesterday, and was itching to try a new recipe. I told him about Phinea's chili, so he checked it out. We enjoyed it for dinner last night! It was very different then what his usual chili is or my vegan chili. First of all, it was red, and his is always mahoganey. Also, the use of pork,ground beef, and peppers is different for us too. We throughly enjoyed it! Now the only thing we didn't do was toast the bread(JD was not feeling chichi enough). We will be enjoying it for a while since it yielded a whole lot!

Thanks for the posting!