Monday, September 21, 2009

Pajama Party!

Yesterday's sewing party with Erato was great! I can't believe how much progress she made on her pj bottoms. This is her fabric:

Perfect for fun bottoms

We both cut out our pj's. I was really impressed with how well Erato did. She was really careful and thorough at every step.

Cutting fabric

We made very good progress. We got her pj's to a point where they actually looked like pants. Then sewing fatigue set in. The legs and crotch are sewn and seams finished, and the waistband/elastic casing is turned and pressed. My own pj's need a bit more work. I was in between sizes, and decided to go with the larger size. I should have gone smaller. So, I have to take them in a bit before I move forward.

I am off to London for a week on Wednesday, and probably won't get to do any sewing before then. But depending on how bold Erato is feeling in the next short while, she may forge ahead and sew the waist, insert the elastic and hem the bottoms. And then she will have fabulous pajamas to wear!

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30 before 30 said...

It was really fun!!!

I'll let you know how it goes!