Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pants + Jacket = Project Complete!

Note to self: It's time to clean the mirror!

Here is the final low down on my pants and jacket project, which I finished over the weekend.

Jacket (Simplicity 4334)
Up until the second when I realized that it had indeed worked, I was really not convinced that the sleeve and lining was actually going to match up. This was definitely a lesson in trusting the directions, even if I couldn't quite see where they were going. Since this is the first lined garment that I have made, it really was a skill-building project. Unlike the pants, the lining fabric that I used for the jacket (a fun black and while leopard print poly) worked really well and I think will hold up well.

Overall, I am very happy with the end result. As a stand alone piece it really came out well. The only change I would make next time is that I would definitely use an interfacing to give it more body and help it hold it's shape a bit better. The gabardine is very soft, which gives it a really nice drape for the pants, but works less well for the jacket.

However, looking at the style, I think it might work better with a skirt than pants. Also, the short length is ok, but is not the best look for me. I think it draws attention to my hip-thigh area, which really really does not need any attention drawn to it.

Pants (Sloper from my Pattern Drafting Class)
I already told you that I am pleased and proud of how these came out. And really, this garment represents more learning than any other project to date.

Unfortunately - or fortunately, depending on how you look at it - my sloper is now too big for me. I won't use it again as a pattern for pants until I make a new one, probably once I feel like my size is not a moving target. That said, I will be using what I learned from it to help alter other pants patterns in the interim, as my measurements change.

Unlike the jacket, the drape of the gabardine fabric really is perfect for the pants. The only change is that next time I would line the pants, as I originally intended.

Final thoughts
The first step in sewing a garment is choosing the pattern and materials. The importance of choosing well can not be underestimated!

One thing that every woman knows is that even though a garment may fit, it may not be flattering. Picking styles that really flatter one's figure is the holy grail both in shopping and in sewing. I did ok with this project, but still have some learning to do in this area.

Fabric really is an ongoing learning process. I am still a beginner. This project made me very aware that selecting the right materials - fabric, lining, interfacing, etc - is one of the most important skills to cultivate in sewing.

I am actually somewhat relieved that this project is over. I signed up for the pattern drafting class which led to these pants way back in July. It's nice to not have it lingering any longer. However, I am feeling tremendously confident after this experience and eager to take everything I learned on to my next project.


Sarah & John said...

Congratulations! It looks fantastic and so do you!

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Well done! You look fab! Of course, black is the best color to wear. You are doing fantastic with your sewing abilities.