Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Fluff

Well, the 45 meringue cookies that I made disappeared in 7 days. I am fairly certain that I didn't eat them all myself, but I couldn't swear to that in a court of law.

Since Valentines Day was last weekend, I decided that a second batch - with my suggested improvements - was in order. So, back to the kitchen I went. This time I added 2 oz each of dried cherries and chopped walnuts. I also reduced the baking time substantially. Last time I nearly scorched the cookies after mis-reading the directions and doubling the baking time.

This time the cookies came out much softer and chewier, and also much more dense than the last batch. The recipe made 10 fewer cookies this time. Sadly, this upped the calories from a skinny 28 to a less svelt 49. That said, as you can see from this photo, I haven't stopped eating them. However, I do miss the crispiness of the first batch, even if they were, technically speaking, overdone.

Anyway, in the next batch I make (and there will be a next), I will add just 1 oz of each of the additional ingredients and increase the oven time a bit. I may also cut back just a bit on the chocolate chips. With any luck, there is still a happy middle ground out there.


30 before 30 said...

Two things came to mind when reading this:
1) Decreasing chocolate is just crazy talk!
2) Share :P


Clio said...

LOL - Heresy, I know.