Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meet Lilly!

As we have already discussed, machines hate me. I don't buy new gadgets - when I find something that works, I stick with it until it flees from my presence or commits technological suicide. So it is with some trepidation that I am posting about my latest bit of technology.

See how cool we are, using our dog-earred copy of Watchmen
to show you how small she is.

This is Lilly (short for Lilliputer), our new Netbook. Phineas has been advocating getting a netbook for some time since it suits both of our needs for working from the road - small and lightweight (half my current laptop), inexpensive, long battery life (7hrs), internet, and other basics.

And she is shiny too!
Right now I am sitting in front of Lilly, writing this post. See, here I am writing a post and photographing myself with Lilly's built in web cam:

She arrived this afternoon and Phineas has been playing with her since then. So she wouldn't be a lonely 'puter, Phineas also bought her some friends - a Blue Tooth mouse and some kind of external back up memory thingy that is equally lilliputian. I am threatening to call him Tiny Tim since he is crippled (no keyboard, no monitor, just a brain). Hmmm, Brain might be a good name also. And we could call the mouse Pinky. But I digress.

Anyway, I was not looking forward to lugging my laptop to London. And this way, perhaps I will even be able to update you from the road since Phineas has shown me that I can pop the memory card from our camera right into Lilly. I am really liking Lilly so far. It's usually at this point that something goes splat. So cross your fingers that Lilly survives her first trip with me.


Anonymous said...

I love your Lilly - it is quite cute! Good luck with her!


2BSewing: said...

Oh how cool!!! And how cute!!! Cute pic of Phineas in the background...looks like a kid in the toy store. ;)

Enjoy trekking across Europe with your new Netbook. No splatting allowed.

Clio said...

LOL - Yes, Phineas is VERY pleased with himself that I like Lilly so much.