Monday, February 9, 2009


I seem to say "Oops!" a lot these days; most frequently when I am in the Craft Lounge.

I spent Sunday morning pressing, laying out and cutting the fabric for the diaper bag that I am making for KK. I decided to use the messenger bag style pattern (Butterick 4560) rather than the tote bag style.

Looks like a normal cute bag, right?

This project is turning out to be more time consuming than I initially thought. The pattern has 16 different pieces, many of which needed to be cut out in the diaper bag fabric, the lining fabric and in fusible fleece. It took the better part of the day to cut the fabric, transfer the pattern markings and fuse the various pieces of fleece to the fabric.

By about 4pm I was ready to sew. That's when the oops happened. As I sat down to my sewing machine I realized - no thread! I never bought thread to go with the fabric and, after a quick search, realized I did not have anything that would work. UUUgh.

Pile of pieces, waiting to be sewn.
So, right now there is a pile of pieces cut out and labeled, waiting for me to get thread. And on top of it, I forgot to bring a swatch of fabric to work today so that I could buy some. Sigh. So I can't even begin sewing until tomorrow. Thankfully, I took Friday off. So, the bag will be done in time for the shower on Saturday.

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