Monday, September 8, 2008

Five Muses Sweatshop

Curtain making was quite a production on Saturday. By 11 am the makeshift headquarters of Five Muses Sweatshop was set up in my mom's dining room. We toiled for 12 hours with a few breaks for pizza, wine and Harry Potter.

Polyhymnia brought her sewing machine and hummed along. She had cautioned me that her sewing skills were not polished, but she did absolutely beautiful work and we would not have gotten nearly as far without her!

Calliope probably suffered the most wounds - she scorched herself with an iron and then stuck herself with a pin. But she persisted without complaint and did heroic work, especially at the end of the evening, pinning all of the ties to the curtains for me and Poly to sew.

Mom Muse (above) and Erato (below) pressed hems... and more hems... and more hems....and you get the point.... there were a lot of hems... It was the most tedious job and they did it without a single grumble.

Final statistics: On Sunday morning over brunch, Poly and I figured out that we had collectively pressed and sewn the lenght of 1 1/2 football fields - 150 yards or so. We finished 10 curtains with just 4 more to go, which I will finish during the week. Phew! What a marathon!


Sarah & John said...

You girls are absolutely the best ever. I can't thank you enough. I owe you each a HUGE one!!! Can't wait until saturday!

2BSewing: said...

Great pictures...that's one heck of a sewing production you had going. Glad to see it went well. :)