Sunday, January 6, 2008

Word of the Day: Kuidaore

kuidaore - a Japanese word meaning roughly "to eat oneself bankrupt"

It's absurd that this word only entered my vocabulary this week. Kuidaore - the word, if not the concept - originated in Osaka, a city known for its excellent food and the locals' enjoyment of eating and drinking.

Having just arrived home after 48 hours in New Orleans, I can say with certainty that this same spirit is alive and kickin' in the Crescent City. As usual, Phineas had sniffed out the local favorite spots and, after two days of wild disregard for New Year's resolutions, we basically rolled our way home this morning.

Here's Phineas contemplating what to order next on Bourbon Street.

While we didn't quite bankrupt ourselves, it wasn't for lack of effort. My favorite indulgences included 25-cent martinis at Commander's Palace, amazingly crisp fried boudin at Cochon, fried crab claws at Casamento's, and quail stuffed with chicken and brie (the chef's own riff on turducken) at the Bistro at Maison du Ville. I think the only vegetable we saw all weekend was the pickled okra garnish in the Bloody Marys at Napoleon House.

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that sounds fabulous!