Monday, January 14, 2008

Post-Holiday Sewing Binge

Part 1: His
After all my Christmas crafting for others, I decided to make something for myself and Phineas as my next project. My goal is to learn one new sewing skill for each project.

Project: Unisex, Wide-Leg, Draw String PJ Bottoms (one for me, one for him)

New Skill:
learn how to make a button hole

Trouble began before I even cut out the pattern. Phineas decided that he needed to have pj's with a fly rather than just a pull on pant. As he put it, "I'm a boy. And boys have needs, too... Oh, and could the waist have elastic in addition to the draw string."

New Skill #2: men's fly
I took an old pair of his boxer shorts that had been retired to try my hand at reverse engineering.

Assembly: Figuring out how to assemble the crotch with the fly alteration was tricky. However, I feel that the experience did strengthen my relationship with my seam ripper. We are now on a first name basis, me and Jack.

The rest of the assembly went well, even the button hole, which was pretty easy after a few tests tries. The waist, a nice, wide waistband with both elastic and drawstring, came out particularly well. See, I am a domestic goddess.

The reveal: It was time for Phineas to try on the pj's for a final time so I could decide how much to hem. But when he put them on, it was not a good scene. Somehow the pj's came out with a very low-rise waist... wedgie-inducing and totally worthy of a plumber! Uggers! The alterations must have affected the rise!

Back to the workshop: I had to rip out and redo my beautiful waistband so that it was much narrower. But now the button holes are too low to thread the drawstring thru. So, now the pj's have an elastic waist and 2 decorative button holes.

The re-reveal: Better. But because of the low-rise issue and fly alterations, there just is not enough room in the butt and the pj's don't sit well. Oh well. Phineas seems happy with them nontheless, and mine should hopefully go more smoothly.

What I learned: Do not monkey around with the pattern until I know what the #$@&*# I am doing.

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