Thursday, January 31, 2008

In the Kitchen with Phineas

Or Why I will Never be Skinny

Phineas is great in the kitchen. And on Tuesday night I was reminded just how much I enjoy cooking with him. In fact, I'm a bit surprised that I haven't dedicated any posts to cooking yet.

Anyway, here is Tuesday night's dinner: Homemade Pappardelli and Meaty-Bones Sauce with roasted broccoli. Now, before you jump to conclusions, we do not eat like this every night. This was over the top. For both of us, cooking is a way of demonstrating our love, and I was in need of some tlc this week.

Meaty-Bones Sauce is a ragu - beef bones (soup bones), browned and then braised with red wine, crushed tomato, onion, garlic and whatever herbs or spices you like. When the meat is falling off the bones, remove it from the pot, shred it and then put it back in. Voila!

Basic pasta dough is just flour, eggs, olive oil and a pinch of salt. We rolled it out with a pasta machine and then cut it into long strips.

The broccoli is so delicious that it deserves its own post...

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