Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sequins and Stardust

How did I wind up with such creative friends? And entrepreneurial, too.

While you and I were home watching reruns, Magenta Sequins and Stardust River were building/launching their creative empires. There must be more hours in the day where they live.

I wanted to post some kind of tribute to the two of them but was stumped for ideas. However, I think that they will be tickled to know that when I googled "Sequins and Stardust" the first 3 entries are:
  • A review of a Vegas showgirls show
  • A kids craft shop
  • A Ziggy Stardust on-line costume gallery
Hmmmm, costumes with feathers and sequins mixed with a dash of hot glue gun fun. In a strange way, this is definitly fitting.


Magenta said...

You know, whenever any of my friends do anything cool that is not work related and obviously took forethought and energy, I ALWAYS think to myself exactly: "There must be more hours in the day where they live."

Thank you for your praises. I definitely feel like I've got a groove going. It's only taken me thirty-some-odd - ahem - I mean going on 28 years to get my shit together-ISH.

N'il said...

Yeah, same here. There's some time-space continuum thing going on in other places (okay, too geeky, I know).

Thank you. I'm also amused that the first thing that showed up was Vegas. :) Seriously, though, without the encouragement and enthusiasm I've gotten, I would not be doing this.