Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Post-Holiday Sewing Binge II

Part 2: Hers
Uuuuugggg! Thwarted again! I encountered the same problem with the low rise waist that I met with Phineas' pajama bottoms.

But I think the flaw must be the pattern. It was sized for a smal
l, and included instructions to size it up to M, L, etc. However, all this changed was the width of the pants, making them wider from the outside of the waist down to the ankle. It didn't alter the crotch or the rise. I think that is the problem in the end - just not enough wiggle room in the butt and crotch, but enormously wide legs. I mean, I know that they are supposed to be "wide-legged" pants, but really, I look like a samurai in 'em.

That said, I'm rather pleased with myself. Look at the (miles of) fun trim I added near the hem at the (elephantine) ankles:

I think that this project may be "done" only in the way that my skirt was "done". In other words, I will probably rip out the seams and redo the project after consulting with my sewing bible on how to taper the legs.

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