Monday, June 14, 2010

Vogue 2980 Reveal

I remembered to bring the finished Vogue 2980 Today's Fit top to my sister, Calliope, this weekend. Doesn't she look smashing in it? I think so.

Since I had actually gone ahead and cut the pattern in the wrong size AND since Vogue had a sale after I realized my mistake, I reordered the pattern for myself rather than deal with enlarging it. It arrived last week along with these two patterns:

Very Easy Vogue Custom Fit (V 8646): I thought this could be a great
summer dress in a light eyelet or linen.

Vogue Bellville Sassoon (V1162): This is WAY above my skill level at the
moment, but it won't always be and I just had to have it .

Anyway, neither of the dresses are slated for sewing at this point, but you can expect to see me in a version of the Vogue Today's Fit top in the near future.


Sheila said...

Your sister is so loving her top and yes... she looks smashing.

I like the vogue patterns and have done the same thing - purchased a pattern above my skill level, but telling myself it will not always be that way.

Marybeth said...

Your sister looks great! What a nice gift :))) I love the Vogue wrap dress, and yes, the red Vogue dress is hard to resist!