Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pants Muslin: DONE!

Last weekend was all about pants. In addition to taking in 4 pairs of pants which had become too large at the waist, I finally got back to my muslin for Simplicity #2700 Amazing Fit Pants. As I suspected, they were a little bit big. However, within an hour I had them fitting the way I wanted. I am ready to call them DONE!

It's rather hard to judge from photos of a muslin how well these fit. I used a very lightweight and cheap cotton, and I think a lot of the small flaws are because of this and will not be a problem once I am working with more suitable fabric. (We shall see!)

What I am really pleased with is the fit of the crotch. I spent about 10 minutes walking around the house in my muslin, going up and down stairs, sitting, standing, walking and squatting. The pants were very comfy through it all, even when I took the stairs two at a time.

And now, on to actually sewing some pants! I will have to transfer my most recent changes back to the pattern but then it is all systems go!


Anonymous said...

These look great! I'm so impressed with your skillz - pants are very intimidating to me, so yay you for tackling them! Good luck making the "real" pair.

Sheila said...

The muslin looks good. I've had the pattern & fabric cut for a month now and like ASW very intimidated by it.

Clio said...

Thanks! I figure that since RTW pants never ever fit me, I can do no worse... We'll see!