Monday, June 21, 2010

Hiccoughs and Glytches

My second book on sewing lingerie arrived from, essentially Ebay's bookstore where you can buy new and used books, CD's and DVD's at lower prices. I've always had good luck with Half, but not this time. When the book arrived, it was in the used condition I was expecting. However, the master patterns were nowhere to be found!

I contacted the seller, who was happy to accept the return. But this leaves me feeling rather conflicted. First, is it worth the hassle to schlep to the post office and then pay to ship back a book that only cost me $10? But more important, I'm wondering if the bookseller will re-sell this book without the patterns to some other sewist? The description did not state that the patterns were missing when I purchased it, and all but the first 25 pages are specific to the master patterns.

While trying to decide what to do, I browsed through the book and have decided that I prefer the Singer book, anyway. Both have similar construction tips, but the Singer book has more info and better pictures/line drawings of the techniques, at least to my eye. So, I will not repurchase the Kwik Sew book. This leaves me with an additional issue, although I view it as a bonus: buying lingerie patterns. What sewist doesn't love shopping for patterns! Here are some of the front runners:

McCalls DIY style # 5651: This pattern is for knits. I like that there are darts on the cami and chemise cups, since I'm on the busty side.

Kwik Sew 3554: Also for knits. Like the above, I think
the gathers will help me with fitting the bust.

Kwik Sew 3726: This is for wovens, which is what I was initially thinking about. Again, I like the separate cup pieces.

Kwik Sew 2589: Also woven. I think this is likely to be cut on the bias and really is what I think of as a basic cami or slip pattern.

Finally, Jalie 2568: This pattern for panties gets rave reviews on, and I have to admit that the lace cheeky pants are very cute.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I will find a way to justify ordering all of these patterns in the end. I haven't looked at bra patterns just yet. I am going to see how it goes with camis and slips first and will go from there, I think.


Sarah & John said...

Your blog is no longer Safe for Work. lol.

Clio said...

Oh no! Well, at least I can promise you that there will be no photos of ME in lingerie posted!

JodieK said...

Hi Clio:
Too bad about the patterns in the Kwik Sew book. I have it, but find the styles a bit dated...
I can recommend kwik sew as typically having great directions. And the Jalie pattern is great - and lots of sizes within the single pattern.
For bra patterns, check out this blog hooksandwires.blogspot She is an etsy seller that sells bra patterns and kits in terrific colours. But the best part is that on the blog she has step by step instructions and pictures. I found it an easy way to get a great fitting bra. And it's so nice to have all the fabrics, elastics and findings together. I was lucky and didn't have many fitting issues, as with a bra you pretty much have to put it together completely before trying it on. Still I make most of my own underwear and it's easy and fun.

Good luck

Clio said...

Wow, Jodie! Thanks for all the great info!!! Yes, I had ruled out re-purchasing the KS book because I thought the styles looked dated, too.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Ummmm, yes I was wearing a tan/orange/brown stripe dress. If you saw me, why didn't you come over and say hi?

Did you see the exhibit? Did you like it?

Andrea said...

I recommend the Kwik Sew Patterns as well. I just made 3554 for a friend and it fit her perfectly once I did her fitting. Plus it all came together great and the directions are very well done.